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Dear “Urban Gymnastics” families,

Our Urban Gymnastics program has been a huge success over the years! You may have heard that Urban Gymnastics program director Zac Gordon is pursuing his own Urban Playground facility. Zac will no longer be regularly coaching at ASAP as he moves to his new facility and continues to reach for his goals. Zac’s Urban Playground will focus more on parkour, free-running, and ninja while our Urban Gymnastics program will focus on the art of movement and gymnastics.Our new ASAP “Urban Gymnastics” description is below.

Here at ASAP we are committed to this program, and will continue to offer Urban Gymnastics, though we will be removing the warped walls, but retain many of the great urban elements like obstacles, climbing (monkey bars), and trampolines. You will likely see familiar faces coaching on the gym floor, and we will continue to offer quality instruction by trained staff that will ensure that your child’s learning is optimal.

-Coach Barry and the ASAP family

Urban Gymnasticsfocuses on both the art of movement and gymnastics.

Our urban gymnastics is based on athletically moving the body over, under, around and through various obstacles/structures as quickly, efficiently, & safely as possible while adding gymnastics & flair to create a fun, but disciplined art of movement. Urban Gymnastics elements will include elements like obstacles, climbing, basic tumbling, and trampolines. Additional work to improve strength, coordination and flexibility will also be emphasized.

Kids play hard! Whether it’s good old traditional outdoor fun such as climbing trees and tag; sports such as soccer, basketball, football. As well as Action sports or Outdoor sports such as skateboarding, skiing, rock climbing, and slack-lining. All these activities share common foundations needed to keep safe & progress athletically. Such as proper warm-up, cool-down, balance, strength, arial awareness, self awareness/ discipline, & learning how to safety fall.Urban Gymnasticsprovides a unique and safe athletic experience with various physical and mental benefits, starting at a young age.

Gymnastics can provide a great foundation or supplement sports like diving, wrestling, and pole vaulting. With the fast growing field of new age sportsUrban Gymnasticshas many long term goals athletes can strive for: American Ninja Warrior, Parkour Free-running World Championships, “Hollywood” TV/movie Stunt work or recreational hobbies such Mud runs, Tough Mudder & Spartan Races. These provide established realistic goals, with new opportunities being created every year, in the field of movement! 

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*Classes begin September 3rd and run through May 23rd.  You will register for classes based on your child’s age as of September 1st, 2019  *Pricing: 50 minute classes: $62/month; 1 hour classes: $70/month; 1.25 hour classes: $82/month; 1.5 hour classes: $95/month; 2 hour classes: $112/month.