Academy Showtimes – Saturday, June 2nd

Kid Zone Showtimes – Sunday, June 3rd

Gym Show Information

1. The day of the show: The front doors will open 15 minutes before your given show time. Have your son or daughter sign in (in the front lobby), athletes should go to scheduled spot on the floor and parents should find a seat. We will have opening remarks (Barry), warm up song (Hoedown Throwdown), head to stations, rotate to all 4-5 stations (about 8-10 minute at each one), team performance, awards and closing remarks….again each show should last about 1 hour – 1 hr 15 min.

2. Apparel will be distributed starting TONIGHT with Monday classes. It is marked with the child’s name and put right inside the gym by the tumble trak. Coaches will be handing them out at the end of each class.

3. There are no tickets this year!

4. There is no extra leotards or t-shirts . . . I gave each family what they ordered.  If there is one size listed on their form and they got something else, please take the leotard home and let your coach know. They will make a list of errors for me if I gave you the wrong size. If there are any other problems, let your coach know. I will try to switch leotards with another family but there are NO guarantees.

5. Warm-up routine . . . Every class has been working on the Hoedown Throwdown routine in the warm-ups for their classes. I am very excited to see it all together.

6. Circuits . . . This year we will be showing the athletes’ best skills. No routines on each event. Instead they will go through the circuit 2-3 times to show what they have learned.

7. Additional notes for gym show . . .The girls senior team will be showing some of their moves at the end of each show before awards so that will be a nice treat for parents. Also the Xcel team is headed to Florida for Nationals the end of June so they will be doing 50/50 raffles to raise some money. Also the girls team (level 4-10) will be hosting the concession stand (snacks and drinks) and making some things for parents to give to their son and daughters as a great job well done!

8. Final week . . . The last week of school year classes are May 21-26th. The academy gym is closed 27th to the 1st.

9. Lifetouch Pictures . . . they will be coming to the Kids Zone gym to take INDIVIDUAL pictures only if you would like. They will be there on Tuesday, May 29 and Wednesday, May 30 from 10-12 am and 4-8 pm on both days.  If you are interested, pick up a picture form in the office and come at any time on those days for individual photos. Please be patient in case it is busy when they come.